Pop of colour

Saturday, 10 January 2015
I've never been the sort of girl to constantly indulge in buying new underwear, that is until recently. I recently took a trip away to Shrewsbury. Whilst wandering through Marks & Spencer's to get some snacks I stumbled across some beautiful lingerie. I fell in love with the colour straight away (the photo's doesn't do them justice) and luckily there was a set left in my size. 

I'd heard all about the Rosie H-W collection which is why we'd ended up in the lingerie aisle in the first place, but this was just plain old M&S. I fell in love & took it straight to the counter. It was reasonably cheap. At only £14.00 for the Bra & £6.00 for the bottoms the pricing was perfect, I could have picked up two!

I wore them the next day when we went out for a meal and they originally were really comfy, there's also something about wearing new (& matching) underwear that just makes a girl feel fab!

Unfortunately the under wire started to dig in, I ended up with a red mark/bruise on my chest. It was itchy & uncomfortable but I couldn't just take it off in the middle of a curry! Once I'd loosened the straps it felt a lot better, I haven't had any problems & I'm still wearing it now!

I can't recommend this set enough to anyone that wants to brighten up their underwear drawer without bringing out that neon set that we all have shoved in the corner gathering dust. 

Have any of you found any underwear steals recently? Or found any unexpected bargains?

luce xxx 

2 comments on "Pop of colour"
  1. that's such a pretty set! i wish i had bought lots of new underwear in the sales, but everything got sold out in my size pretty quickly boooo

    from helen at

    ps. there's a £60 skincare giveaway on my blog if you fancy it, click here!

  2. Lovely set! I love buying new underwear :)
    Alex //


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