De-stressing For Dummies

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

I used to love my job, but recently I've been dreading waking up in the morning. The original client I had been working for has (for at least the time being) left the company. Rather than working alongside businesses like I was previously, I now am working for a client that specialises in monthly collectibles. Not only is this a lot less enjoyable than my old work I've also had my hours reduced by about 10 a week. So I now have a more stressful job for a lot less money, this adds up to a lot more stress. But I have found a way to de-stress and leave my work worries at the front door.

1. Clean: This may sound the opposite of what you want to do when you're stressed out. But not only will you feel a lot better when there isn't dishes on the side or clothes on the floor, there is just something about furiously scrubbing until something is shiny and fresh that releases all the tension in your body. Trust me, you'll feel a hell of a lot better once it's all done. 

2. Smell: Find a scent that makes you happy. Whether it's a candle, essential oil or bath salts, whatever works for you is best. For me these tealights from Wax Lyrical are perfect. I bought these in Asda for £3 a few weeks ago, but can't find them anywhere else. Although if you are interested, there is a larger candle still available on the Asda website.

3. Bathe: Run a bath, turn out the light and relax. Switch off your phone if you need to, or to silent if you can't pull yourself away from technology totally. Take as long as you need, I usually try to stay over an hour, and I can catch up on the odd blog that I've missed over the week, or read a book that I've been meaning to. 

These are the simplest three ways I'm able to de-stress. Do you guys agree? Or do you have any tips that you think work better?

luce xxx

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