Movie Monday: Tomb Raider

Monday, 23 March 2015

So I had a fun idea last night while watching Tomb Raider 2 - I decided to write a weekly post on this blog about fashion from "the movies". There are so many different genres of film and I think this could really be an original way to blog about fashion without having to write the same-old review. Angelina Jolie was on point throughout this film (isn't she always?!). I thought back to all the films, new and old, where I'd wasted half the film staring at the outfit and wondering how to incorporate the same style into my wardrobe and decided to write about it, and where better to start than Mrs Jolie? 

Angelina is such a naturally beautiful woman and what drew me to her in this film is that her entire style is effortless and plays on her best features. We all know the famous Lara Croft braids, but I wasn't as familiar with this stunning high pony! It's so flattering on her chiselled cheekbones - let's face it, what isn't? Whilst the sneaky braid at the top of her head and the length of the pony gives it a more feminine feel. I am such a fan of this hair style and I think she does the look so well.

Lara croft style

Lara croft style by lucyhawkesworth featuring a leather satchel

I headed to Polyvore with the aim of recreating the first photo (at the top of this post) and ended up with the above little set. If anyone's seen the second Tomb Raider film, I'm sure you'll agree her outfits are crazy for someone who's always in the middle of some adventure. The image is from the riding scene and I recreated it with a bit of a modern twist. She spends a lot of the film in warm countries, Greece, Kenya and Kazakhstan - so I thought the lightweight trousers & blouse would be perfect. What adventurer doesn't need sturdy boots and a satchel? I also couldn't resist adding a leather jacket and some Safari themed bangles.

Let me know what you think of this idea, and what did you think of outfit I mentioned? Anyone else have as much of a girl crush on Angelina as me? 

luce xxx
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