Day In Pictures

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

I rescued some sad looking daffodil buds from ASDA late last night. Fresh water and some sunlight and suddenly they're beautiful again.

Looks like I forgot how to use my old camera! (just before I dropped it from the windowsill - oops!)

How did you all spend your day?

luce xxx
2 comments on "Day In Pictures"
  1. WHAT a nice relaxing day!! Your makeup looks so cute!!! I love your paisley comforter oh man. I had the day off so I made a Spice Girl wine charm DIY for my blog...and napped hahaha the weather here makes me so sleepy!

    xoxox, Naomi |

    1. Thank you!! It was super cheap from Ikea. & I know the feeling the warmer weather always puts me to sleep!



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