Grey grey grey

Monday, 20 April 2015
Grey grey grey

Grey grey grey by lucyhawkesworth featuring infinity scarves

Although the weather in Britain is definitely shaping up for Summer, there are still a few chilly evenings and I thought this outfit would be perfect for then! Those heels are literally my favourite shoes to grace the Earth, and I could picture myself in every single one of these pieces! (I'm a grey/black girl - can you tell?!) 

Although I made this a few weeks ago when the Sun was still in hiding, I recently discovered this reinvented for Summer style on pinterest which I thought would be a perfect version of this style for these nicer days we've been having!

As you can see I'm desperately clinging to my darker toned clothes, do you think I should give it up and embrace the lighter side? 

luce xxx

6 comments on "Grey grey grey"
  1. Nope! Don't embrace the lighter side of color hahaha you need basic neutrals to wear year round!! I'm actually bored of pastel looks for spring since every boring fashion blogger is currently raving about them. They're cute but.....realistically..I'd wear something more like this outfit you just put together. That grey coat is perfecttt. I NEED!

    xoxox, Naomi
    Spring Beauty Haul |

    1. Hahah thank you - I'm glad someone agrees! I know as much as I love the odd pastel pieces it's still so overdone at this time of year!

      lucy | luceellen xxx

  2. This outfit is flat out goals. How gorgeous are those shoes! x
    Han |

    1. It really is! Thanks for commenting, I really love your blog!


  3. I find myself wearing a LOT of grey, so I love this post :)

    Clara |


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