March Goals

Friday, 4 March 2016

So, first things first, happy Friday lovelies! The weekend is nearly upon us, although when you have a couple of shifts to get through it's not quite so exciting! But first, I'd thought I'd share my new month resolutions (doesn't quite have the same ring to it eh?). Last month's post got a good reception, with lots of you letting me know one way or another that we shared the same aims! If you were hoping to achieve something in February I hope that it went well for you. Let's find out how mine turned out, and what I'm trying to achieve over the coming month...

1. Lose Weight

This went a lot better than expected. I had so many deadlines this month so I've been eating lots more fast and (inevitably) unhealthier meals. It was so difficult to not look at the scales all month, but I thought leaving it till the end of the month would be much more rewarding, or crushing (lolzzz)! Fortunately it worked out well & I've lost a few pounds. I feel a little bigger, but I have problems with bloating so not much you can do about that! 

2. Stop Spending

I have definitely done so! Unless you count my beauty box... or takeaway... or skincare. Okay, now I look bad, ahah! Honestly now, I really did spend a hell of a lot less than I normally do. I'm pretty pleased with how much I've saved, & I'm going to try and keep on top of this next month too!

3. Find a False Lash Effect Mascara

Oops. I did get some great suggestions after my last post so I have plenty more ideas in mind, thanks ladies! But due to my self-imposed spending ban I couldn't bear looking at the price tags. Didn't really think that through did I? I'm waiting until my next student loan for this one.

4. Cook More (From Scratch)

I haven't really done this, between deadlines and work I have been rushed off my feet. All the good intentions in the world won't cook you dinner though, am I right? I did try a new recipe last night though, I might have to check out the foodie blogs for this one!

5. Rotate My Wardrobe
I re-discovered my casual wardrobe this month. I haven't mixed it up enough, but I have dug out a few little gems this month! I have been stuck to my grey and monochrome so maybe I'll search for some colour for Spring? (Groundbreaking, I know!)

Blog Wise:
I'm just under 350 bloglovin' followers, and have hit my 250 twitter follow target. Considering  I only created the twitter account at the beginning of Feb I am super pleased with this! I'm still hoping for 500 on each though!

So for the rest of this month, I'm aiming to continue with all of the above and cut out fizzy drinks! I'm a slave to coca cola, so doing this will be super hard. I'm going to start out slow by stopping buying it at home, and then I will gradually cut down on my intake while I'm out and about too!

Please leave me a comment with your goals for the month and let me know what you think!

2 comments on "March Goals"
  1. These are some good goals to have! I'm constantly striving to cook more and spend less myself; but the results are amazing. By cooking more and eating out less, my boyfriend and I notice a HUGE drop in our credit card bill!

    xo, alice / T Y P E N U

    1. Yes we've noticed a big difference too, need to get back in habit of eating in really!


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