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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Some of you guys may know that I'm a bit multi-tasker. Don't get me wrong, I'm still the laziest multi-tasker that you will ever meet! But I do have a quite lot on the go at once. I'm a student at the University of Exeter (which I LOVE) and have been since last September. That same month I also got promoted to a manager at my current job (which I also love, lolll). In the months since them I decided to (re)start this blog! Commuting to uni also means I spend 12 hours a week on trains :):):) .... so it's safe to say I'm a busy gal, and I know that so many of my fellow bloggers/readers are! We all have social lives that also have to fit into our schedule somewhere. That being said, I'm only in my first year of uni so I'm hardly juggling dissertations and mountains of work! But as exam season looms and my stats deadline is fast approaching I thought I would share a few things that I'm learning as I go.

This is the main thing I've learnt in the last few months. Albeit following last minute, midnight essay writing and covering other people's shifts when I really should be revising. If you're attending university chances are you're paying £9,000 a year. No one's paying me that much to blog (unfortunately!) so that has to come first. If you slack and need to repeat a whole year for failing one little module, you'll be feeling hella bad next year, trust me. If blogging is a hobby and not your full time job then it has to take a back seat, whether you like it or not. It's mostly not for me.

I think this next point has to be taken with a pinch of salt. All degrees are different, but mine is pretty spread out. I have two quiet months, a month of deadlines, then a quiet month, followed by two weeks of exams. This is repeated twice a year, before I have a five month long summer. If you buckle down when you need to and keep on top of your reading/revision during the quieter months, there's no reason that for several months of the year blogging or outside work can't be your focus. This probably won't apply for your more intense course, or your third year.

Everyone gets stressed and has bad days, it's all part of life. But it shouldn't be ruling your life. If something's getting you down then take a step back, schedule your social media well in advance and leave your phone behind. Run a bath. Or have a nap. Or a snack. Whatever it is that will make you feel like you again. Then be that badass multi-tasker and tackle that task head on! (Unfortunately I seem to only be able to work under pressure so I just wait until the last minute, knock out a few pages of work and then have a breakdown in the bath. At least I smell like I've raided a Lush store though...)

If you feel like you need to take a step back from blogging, but you force out posts because you feel obligated then what are you going to achieve? Probably not as much as you want to. If your hearts not in it and you're worried about other things, your posts probably won't be up to your usual standard. Plus, forcing yourself to post is more likely to make you fall out of love with blogging than anything else. I'd rather lose a few bloglovin' followers than my sanity. If you need to take a step back, then go for it, no one can/will blame you.

..... aaaand if you do need to step back, that's what scheduling is there for! Spend a day taking blog photos/writing posts when you're in a blogging mood. You can even build up a little stash for rainy days. Then schedule them in advance for days when you want to just curl up in a stress-induced ball. Use Buffer or HootSuite to schedule your social media posts in advance and you won't have any excuse to stop that essay because you were "just quickly checking twitter" for 2 hours. (I'm so guilty of this!)

Please let me know in a comment the lessons you've learnt so far balancing uni/socials/blogging/school/work/anything-else-you-busy-people-do, and give me a shout if you have any tips for me! (You can even distract me from essays on twitter for an even quicker reply ;) )
1 comment on "University and Blogging"
  1. This post has come at no better time, I've just started uni and I have to admit I struggled with time management a little. I felt like I could balance between blogging and uni. It wasn't just time but ideas as well, all my mental attention was focused on school rather than thinking up ideas for new blog posts. I think it's important to relax and like you said don't force it, you don't want to end up hating both uni and blogging.

    Sally - DiagonSally


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