City Break: Paris

Thursday, 29 June 2017

So, it's been a while right?! I'm so sorry it's been so long! Life has been absolute madness with lots of laughter, travel, tears and pure joy thrown into the mix. What better way to restart my blogging journey then by sharing some details of my favourite city; Paris

This Spring I booked a little surprise for my boyfriend and we escaped to Paris for a few days! As you'd expect, it was beautiful. It was a little cold, very rainy and my feet truly suffered but it still managed to be the best trip ever. I've put together a little list of some things I'd really recommend (and perhaps what I wouldn't!!) if you're spending a long weekend in the city of lurvve...

Eiffel Tower
As much as I love avoiding cliches, Le Tour Eiffel can be nothing but number one on my list. Believe it or not I actually wanted to avoid going up the Tower altogether as I had been before and didn't really feel the urge. But as my boyfriend had never visited the city he was absolutely determined to, so we paid and went up to the top. I was first to admit, I was wrong! Compared to other activities it was such good value for money and the views were incredible. 

The architecture of Parisienne buildings is something that's not escaped my mind since. I admit, I visualise myself drinking wine, eating pastry from PAUL's on a balcony above a cobbled street far more often than I should. But it's certainly something that cannot be missed on your visit. We actually saw a rainbow while up there which made the whole experience magical.

Champs-Élysées/Arc de Triomph 
We decided to spend our last morning strolling up the Champs-Élysées. For those of you don't know, it's filled with beautiful stores. Many of the most luxurious, exclusive designers have stores lining the streets. Perfect for anyone looking for a little piece of luxury, when in Paris - right? 

There's also chain brands; a Sephora, Zara, Disney store and even a Five Guys can be found at one point or another. What's more? They all lead to the Arc de Triomph, which is incredible in it's own right. We wanted to go up and view the streets from the top too, which is meant to be amazing, but unfortunately we had luggage with us which was too large to be allowed up! The views from the bottom were pretty spectacular anyway as you can see, but if you want to go up- bring handbags only!!

One side note: nearly every store/restaurant we went in searched our bags. Rightly so, I might add given the awful terror events in the city. But it's worth bearing in mind. We took a padlocked bag with us on our final day, which then needed to be opened each time I wanted to have a look inside. I would definitely recommend storing your luggage rather than taking it out & about!

Galeries Lafayette 
Now the next on my list was a complete surprise! We wanted somewhere with a roof terrace so we could find a good view of the Eiffel Tower and the galeries came highly recommended. I knew it was a department store, but I didn't know quite how breathtaking it was going to be...

As you can see, the stained glass is incredible and overlooks the bottom floor which is conveniently filled with make up! This was heaven and I have to say the view inside was almost as beautiful as the one from the terrace itself. Although the weather was against us, I'm sure you can see why it comes so highly recommended...

The Louvre
And finally, the Louvre (aptly listening to Lorde's new song of the same name as we speak). Everyone is completely right when they say you could walk the louvre for weeks and still not see everything. We walked for hours and saw so much, the Mona Lisa, Crown Jewels, old ruins of the fortress which today's Louvre has been built upon. All of it took our breath away. 

We actually entered and left through the Carousell de Louvre which is almost a back entrance. It is actually at the bottom of the pyramid, inverted from the one you see from above ground. The entrance was much quieter and housed tasty restaurants where we stopped for lunch.

We visited on the first Sunday of the month in February which means visiting was free! In Paris lots of attractions are free on the first Sunday of the month between October-March - so it's absolutely worth popping to see all the sights then! The front entrance was super busy because of this so we went through the shopping centre instead and it was well worth it. The only downside of the museum for me was the queue for the toilets (felt like hours!) and the heat! Most of this was because we had visited on a really busy day so it is probably much more relaxed on a weekday during termtime! 

Special mention to the Musée de l'Orangerie which houses Monet's famous water lillies in a small, circular room. This had to be a highlight of the trip for me! This museum is a tiny compared to the Louvre, but within the grounds and is definitely worth a little detour. 

I hope you've enjoyed my little insight into the highlights from our trip and please let me know what you love to do on your visits. xxx
3 comments on "City Break: Paris"
  1. you take such beautiful photos! Im so jealous of your trip, it looks super lovely xo

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  3. You two look so amazing. Paris is wonderful any time of a year. I only read about it on term paper writing service reviews so far and so much envy those who live there all year round!


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